Abhijeet Gupta

17 days ago

University Recommendation for Data Science/MIS/Business Analytics in USA/Canada

Hi, My profile is as follows : GRE - 326 (168Q,158V,3.5 AWA) CGPA - 8.15 out of 10 IELTS - 8 4 years of Work Experience as a Data Analyst at top companies like Dell and Goldman Sachs Have plenty of personal projects on Data Science in websites like Kaggle

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Sanika Udhoji Mentor_tag

17 days ago

Hi Abhijeet, You can check out these universities for Data Science / Data Analytics. Since you have added US and Canada as your country preference these are a mix. 1) Northeastern University, Boston: https://yocket.com/universities/northeastern-university-boston/data-science-46124 2) Indiana University, Bloomington: https://yocket.com/universities/indiana-university-bloomington/data-science-4614 See more