Lilly Qwery

2 months ago

Suggestion to do masters in US, current scenario for job hunt, visa..

Hi, I'm in a dilemma whether I am making the right decision of going to the US to do masters rather than staying in India to escape the risks and job uncertainties that are in the US? 1. I want to know the pros and cons of going to the US. Also, I want to know the current job scenario of the Indian students in the USA. 2. I can settle with a good package in India & maintain a decent lifestyle. Yet, I feel I'm tempted to go to US just because, I see my friends enjoying. 3. Few are settled. While most of the Indian students can't find FTE jobs during OPT, so they are doing contract jobs which don't pay enough to clear their huge loans. Moreover, they parallelly try to renew their F1 visa by taking an affordable course again after MS(since contract jobs don't sponsor H1B visa). 4. Is it true that now-a-days, many Indians are struggling to find jobs and settle? 5. How much percentage of Indians get FTE jobs during their opt in the US? #suggestions #Masters #mastersinusa


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