Alekya Bairaboina

15 days ago

Regarding spring 2023 admission

I have a CGPA of 7.22 in EEE.
GRE - 311
TOEFL - 105 and
Work ex - 18 months as a software developer
I want to apply for spring 2023 in Computer Science/ Software Engineering.
I want to apply to California State Universities. Could someone please recommend some universities?

SJSU has removed spring admission for 2023 and SDSU doesn't have spring admission.

Does CSU East Bay accept spring admission?
Could someone please let me know?


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Poojith Gavini

15 days ago

I think csu Fullerton has computer engineering. You can apply for it.


Satya Bs Mentor_tag

15 days ago

Hello Alekya, Your profile looks good overall. Considering your GRE and IELTS scores are ready, you can go ahead and apply to the universities as soon as possible to get an admit at a good university. A key factor that gives you an advantage is your work experience. CSU East Bay is accepting applications for spring 2023(August 1 to November 1). Here is a list of universities that you can look in... See more

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