Karan Bansal

a month ago

Recommendations for Universities

Hi I have 5 years of experience in Software Engineering specializing in Data Engineering and Analytics, I have a 6.5/10 cgpa in undergrad in Computer Science. I was looking for recommendations for 1 year MS in CS or MS in Data Science in USA,Canada. Can anyone give some recommendations for colleges I can apply to ?
TOEFL - 110
GRE- Not given.
No International or national published research papers.
I am looking for nonthesis MS programs.
#masters #ms

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Shafiq Reshid Mentor_tag

a month ago

Hi, You have a good profile, except for your low CGPA. You can make up for it with a great SOP and good GRE scores. Universities to try in the USA : 1) ASU 2) IIT Chicago (safe) 3) USF (moderate) 4) NEU 5) UNC charlotte Universities in Canada : 1) Windsor 2) Concordia 3) Lakehead 4) Calgary Hope this helps! See more


Aaditya Sharma

a month ago

Hi, Karan looking at your profile one can easily say that it's a decent though your scores are not so high but you have a good blend of industry experience along with 110 TOEFL score. You can look for universities to pursue Master degree in UK as it offer only one year Master degree. Though US and Canada also offer one year Master degree but you will not have more universities option. See more