Sai Charan Vemula

19 days ago

Profile Evaluation

Needed help with university selection for MS in ECE for Spring 2023. My GRE score: 313(166Q, 147V) IELTS Score: 7.5 (L-8.5 R-8 S-7 R-6) CGPA - 7.91 (BTech ECE, 2021) One Survey Paper on Related Study #admissions

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Vijaya Lakshmi K Mentor_tag

9 days ago

Hello Sai, Here is a list of US (as you have mentioned it as your country preference in your profile) universities that you can look into according to the profile details mentioned - Ambitious - 1) The University of Utah 2) Stony Brook University 3) Tufts University Target - 1) University of North Texas 2) University of Michigan, Dearborn 3) New Jersey Institute of Technology Safe - 1) California... See more