Murthy Navya

21 days ago

Need suggestions for MS in Operations / Supply chain management from colleges offering CO-OP

Hi All,
I finished my MBA in Lean Operations and Systems in India and worked in IBM India for 1.5 years as IT Management Consultant. I am planning relocate to USA so want to pursue MS in same area. My personal preference is to land in good internship & job in automotive industry. Please suggest on following:
1. Best colleges with co-op for operations management/ supply chain management.
2. What kind of jobs will i be eligible for.
3. Is there more preference for men over women.

all suggestions are welcome.
Thanks in Advance. #masters #ms #operations #Supplychainmanagement #studyguide #studyabroad #suggestions


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A D Mentor_tag

17 days ago

I will try to take the request to add another degree score further. In the mean while, i would suggest to go through the universities manually, look at the admit profile data, and shortlist. See more

A D Mentor_tag

20 days ago

Hi, 1. You can check the yocket college finder feature to shortlist universities. It will consider your profile while evaluating. 2. Some of the roles may be in the area of Analyst, consultant, Logistics, inventory, purchasing, strategy, process improvement, etc 3. There is no preference of any kind. See more

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