Anand Raj

2 months ago

MS in Data Science USA

College for Data Science
Hi Please let me know what colleges I can target for MS in Data Science in US.
GRE- 322
CGPA- 7.68 (Electrical and Electronics Engineering)
Projects- 4
Internships- 2
Work Experience- 1 year

Can I target for these colleges ?

1)MS in Data Science Indiana University Bloomington
2)The George Washington University United States MS Data Science
3)MS in Data Science University of Arizona
4)MS in Data Science Vanderbilt University
5)MS in Machine Learning and Data Science University of Southern California
6)M.P.S. in Data Science and Analytics University of Maryland, College Park
7)MSc in Applied Data Analytics Boston University
8)M.S in Data Analytics and Statistics Washington University in St. Louis
9)MPS in Machine Learning University of Maryland, College Park

Please Let me know if I can target for any other colleges not in this list. thank you:)
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Zeal Zeal

2 months ago

You're good to go with the universities listed. You can also try NEU. Boston University is very expensive avoid if you can. See more


Siva Kesava Reddy

2 months ago

Yes u can Also look for few safe universities Stony brook University SUNY buffalo SUNY Albany Syracuse University Clarkson University University of Cincinnati Texas A & M University college station University of Houston Main campus Texas Texas tech University San jose State University San Diego State University California State University long beach California State University Fullerton Santa Cl... See more