Brijesh Giri

a month ago

MS in CS FALL 2023 suggest and rate Universities

Please suggest universities and rate my chances in the mentioned universities

Profile -
CGPA - 8.05 (University of Mumbai)
GRE - 320 (160 Q, 160V)
Work Experience - 2 years (Software Developer - DotNet, SQL, Angular)
No Research Papers published
ML Projects - Text detection and recognition (EAST + CRNN) (Final year project)

Please rate my chances for below universities (Safe, Moderate, Ambitious) -
1. University of Maryland
2. University of Arizona
3. University of Southern California
4. University of British Columbia
5. University of Texas, Austin
6. University of California, Berkeley
7. University of California, LA
8. University of California, SD
9. University of Rochester

Please feel free to add any suggestions that would boost my overall profile and chances of admit
#masters #ms


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Zeal Zeal

a month ago

Except University of Arizona and University of Rochester no chances in other universities. They're top notch research based universities. USC requires 8.8+ CGPA. See more

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