Shlok Sarode

2 months ago

If anyone else is looking for masters in international business management in UK for fall 22 let's connect

If anyone is applying for masters in international business management for fall 22 in UK let's connect


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Vaibhav Sharma

a month ago

Hi Yes i am. I ve applied as well

Sanika Udhoji Mentor_tag

2 months ago

Hi Shloak! You can find and connect with students using the Yocket Connect feature: Just enter your university details and you will see the list of students for specified college/university. You can find your fellow admits and applicants and interact with people of similar interests. You can also join your university group here on the Yocket app itself to connect with ... See more


2 months ago

Yea iam

Arjun Aravind

2 months ago

Hi Shlok, use the yocket connect feature to find others who are applying to a similar course or have already been admitted for fall 22! Just type a university name, and in filters add the course and intake you wish to pursue: See more