Sarah Siddiqui

3 months ago

How’s the housing and renting situation in Toronto?

I am planning to apply to Humber College, Toronto for the winter intake and wanted to know a rough idea of how the renting system is, stuff like 1) average cost of rental 2) best websites to rent 3) is it better to rent private rooms or consider campus accommodations/student accommodations like Harrington Housing


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Sandhya Rodrigues

2 months ago

Is it a good college?

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Arjun Aravind

3 months ago

Hey! Search for Humber college Toronto off campus housing on google to directly get the university recommended rentals that you can look into. This can help you assess everything related to housing and maybe get some useful tips and tricks as well. Use Linkedin as a resource to connect with current students and get a lot of insights on what housing is recommended for a new grad students. Also, jo... See more