Sumith Naga Prasanth Atmala

2 months ago

How to build profile to get admit into top colleges?

Currently I completed bachelor's in tier 3 college with 8.8 CGPA in stream of information technology and currently I am working in a company as full-time software engineer. I want to do ms in 2023 fall. But, with in this period of time i want to build my profile to get admits in top colleges can any one help me or suggest me some activities to get into top colleges like internships, publishing research papers or any extra activities.

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A D Mentor_tag

2 months ago

Hi, 3-5 Published projects with frontend better than 6-7 unpublished projects. Use GitHub pages or any other publishing tool. Optimize your GitHub profile. Actions speak louder than words. Also, Photos speak louder than words:) Work experience of less than 1.5 to 2 years is given the least weightage. Research papers published in the same country as the university you are applying will help to conn... See more