Abc Xyz

2 months ago


Hi guys Which Below universities are good my consultancy has given this list Cgpa 5.9 Ielts - 7 Ambitious- 1. Graduate school at UMBC, University of Baltimore county 2. University of Alabama at Birmingham Moderate- 1. San hose State University 2. University of Arizona Safe- 1. Grand valley state university Michigan 2. Pace University 3. University of new haven 4. Kent state University 5. The university of Albany the state university of New york,albany (Suny )

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Anupma Kumari

2 months ago

Hi, many of the listed university are great option but choosing a uni also depends on the course, acceptance rate, etc. I would suggest you use the college finder tool on this app. It will help you realistically calculate your chances in various universities. By simply entering your score and other details of your profile, you can receive a list of potential universities for your admission. Follow... See more