Vijay Thakur

a month ago

Help me decide between these two universities

Saint's Joseph University
Program: MS in Business Intelligence and Analytics
Pros: Business School is well known and the faculty is great. Plus they are giving me a $2000 scholarship for the first semester.
Cons: The cost of living is high and I might have to borrow money from someone else to afford this program.

Texas A&M University - Commerce
Pros: The program is within my financial range. Plus the program will be taught at the Dallas campus which means a chance for me to connect with businesses.
Cons: It is a pretty average university and the faculty is not that great either. I might have to do everything myself.

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Arjun Aravind

a month ago

Hi Vijay, affordability is a huge deal when it comes to grad school. People take loans and end up in a lot of debt if they cant clear it. But at the same time, the repayment or ROI is only possible if its a good university. You can't expect a good ROI in just about any uni. If Saint Joseph is as good as you say, then you will get a better ROI there, which you can use to repay the borrowed money so... See more