Abhishek Mishra

a month ago

Hello , suggestion and guidance required.

Hello , I have given IELTS recently and i got a score of 6.5 overall (L- 7.5 , R-5.5, W-6.0, S- 7.0) do i need to take ielts again or can I apply with my present score. I don't have any specific University in my mind plzs do suggest (Canada/USA) .. Thankyou #admissions

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Morvi Chaturvedi

21 days ago

Hey Since none of the bands are less than 5.5, it won't be a problem as long as your Target Unis have a higher requirement. You can check out the requirements and Uni suggestions using the College Finder feature! Use it right here Please complete your Yocket profile so you can use the college finder to find the best customised results for your profile: Read t... See more