Shrat Jogson

18 days ago

Hello guys. I have a doubt regarding loan

For any non collateral loan, do we have to pay processing fee in prior , after that only we will get laon sanction letter and stuffs?


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A D Mentor_tag

17 days ago

Hi, Yes, you will have to pay the processing fee of 0.5% to 2 % (varies from bank to bank) to release your sanction letter. See more

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Smoky Zz Mentor_tag

18 days ago

Hi Shrat it Varies, For most Inr Loans irrespective of collateral or non Collateral, You have to Pay the Processing fee to get sanction letter For Usd Loans, it's different from lender to lender, for ex - Leapfinance takes .5% to give sanction letter and 1.5% (total 2%) to sanction as a Whole, Prodigy finance doesn't charge to provide sanction letter but the processing fee is added to Principal ... See more