Abhishek Subramaniam

a month ago

GRE Retake

GRE Retake I have a current score of 315-V155 Q160 but I'm not sure if this is good enough or not I have job experiene in the field I want to study which is data science I have been working for 1 year now and by the time i leave it would be 2 I did my Bachelors in CS and my projects were from ML/AI My pointer was8. 71 without any KTS Should I retakw GRE?

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a month ago

Hello Abhishek I would not suggest you to write GRE again this score is pretty enough for you to get into good universities, your pointer is also good and you have an experience too. Just keep your documents strong enough so that you can get into the Universities easily. Fell free to contact. See more