Harsh Sharma

Harsh Sharma

a month ago

Getting confused if 1-year master program will be a good choice for my career

I need help and It will not take much of your time. I hope you guys can help me.

- I am currently working as a Full stack developer(2.5 years) but during my master's, I plan to take courses directed towards AI/ML. And after that, I will work as an AI/ML engineer.

- I have gotten admit from the University of Cincinnati for the Meng(CS) program instead of MSCS. The program is 2 semesters long with 15 credits each semester followed by a 10-25 week internship.

- But I currently don't have any experience in AI/ML(I have completed a Coursera course in AI/ML). And by Dec-Jan I have to start applying for internship. Don't you think it will be almost impossible for me to secure an internship noting my inexpertise in this field and the current recession going on in the market?

- I am confused if I should opt for this program or not. The only obstacle I have is this program is only 2 semesters long. I have a thought that if my master's program was 18-24 months long then I would have gotten enough time to build a strong portfolio in this field.

If you have any thoughts behind this or you have yourself gone through something like this, then, please guide me, any help would be greatly appreciated. #masters #ms #computerScience #UniversityOfCincinnati


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Gaurav T

a month ago

Hi Harsh. If its a matter of building a portfolio then I guess you can start now, all the AI/Ml study material is available online from top Universities and with your full stack experience you could combine both the areas and come up with innovative solutions. See more

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