Godhuli De

a month ago

Documents for i20?

What all funds can we show other than savings account to get i20.? Is fixed deposits, ppf account funds considered. And do we need to show fund for both years or only first year?


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A D Mentor_tag

25 days ago

Hi, The accepted documents differ from university to university. The best source of accepted documents is the university website. In general, other accepted documents apart from savings are: FD is accepted, ppf account funds are acceptable, Provident funds , Scholarship proof Loan sanction letter. https://yocket.com/blog/showing-your-finances-i20-f1-visa-interview See more

Ravikumar Gattu

a month ago

You have to show amount mentioned in i20..You can show amount in multiple sources...Like FD's , Saving account,Loan Sanction etc...! See more