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3 months ago

Conversion Courses in the UK!

Want to change your professional path but majored in something different?
A postgraduate conversion course could be the ideal pathway for you to explore a new subject and expand your options in professional settings.

Firstly, what is a conversion course?
Conversion courses are rigorous postgraduate programmes (usually masters level) that allow you to study and pursue a career in a different field than your undergraduate degree or previous professional experience. They can last anywhere from a few months to several years, depending on the certification and whether you study full-time or part-time. Many conversion courses compress a bachelor's degree into a shorter period of time.
For example, an economics graduate might choose to study a MSc Psychology degree accredited by the BPS to begin a career in Psychology.

So what does a Conversion Course usually involve?
The length and structure of the programme is entirely determined by the course of choice. However, in addition to offered tutorials, most courses are hands-on, involving job placements, tests, essays, and coursework. Full-time and part-time courses at universities normally follow the same time schedule as standard degree programmes.
Fast-track options are popular because they allow you to get the skills you need to enter the job market in the lowest amount of time. This is the main distinction between studying the same subject as an undergraduate, and you'll still be expected to complete a lot of independent work outside of class.

What subjects can one study?
You can apply to study for conversion courses in subjects of psychology, education, nursing, medical, social work, engineering, accountancy, business, economics, human resources (HR), marketing and physiotherapy.

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Amazing info! Thank you :)