Nitigya Kargeti

2 months ago

College Sugggestions : Computational Neurosceince/ Neuroengineering

Hi everyone! I am new on this platform and excited to start my journey towards My Masters Abroad. With a lot of deliberation I have chosen my field of Study to be in BCI (Brain Computer Interface) And am planning on Applying for Neuroengineering with specialization in BCI or Computational Neuroscience.

What I want to ask is whether this is the rigth way to move forward or not and is there anything I should do to prepare well for my masters?

Would also love any suggestions for Any colleges in Europe and US.

A Little Background : I am a CSE Senior at Manipal University Jaipur, Have a decent CGPA,2 Internships apart from 5 freelance web devlopment projects and a paper in Deep Learning Under Review.

Would love to hear your suggestions, feedback or any comments!

Wish me luck on my journey!
#masters #ms #newbee

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Anu Prasad

2 months ago

Hi Nitigya, Definitely! Having a CS background will certainly help. There are many aspects of computer science that is involved in BCI research. Especially the machine learning algorithms for feature extraction and classification is gaining a lot of attention these days. Having a programming expertise is definitely an added advantage. Also, I would suggest you use the college finder tool on this ... See more