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a month ago

Career Opportunities For Computer Science in Canada

Today we all know Graduates in Computer Science are rated high in the job market around the globe. A Computer Science Degree from Canada can expect to have a Soaring career. As per the Bureau Of Labour Statistics Reports Computer Science Jobs are expected to increase by 13% by 2026. A Graduate with a Computer Science degree can find work almost anywhere computers are used.

Computer Science in Canada
After completing a course in Computer Science graduates work at an average pay scale (in terms of CAD) of
1. Computer Science Researchers-61,000 cad
2. Information Technology Specialists-60,000 cad
3. Game developers-83,000 cad
4. Data Scientist-1,10,000 cad
5. IT Program manager-1,00,000 cad
6. Software Engineer-75,000 cad

Top Companies in Canada for CS GRADS
1. Diply - Ontario
2. Prodigy Game - Ontario
3. Stack Adapt - Toronto
4. Bench Accounting - Vancouver
5. FixMeStick Technologies inc - Montreal

Canada is Home to many World Class Universities that offer high quality programs in the Field of Computer Science for International Students. You can access more about opportunities in Canada through this link:-

I Hope with this Informative Post , Canada will be in your Study Abroad Nation checklist.


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