Ranjit Kumar

7 months ago

Canada Universities

Hey guys my profile is as follows Bachelor's CGPA 8.46 Electronics and Communication Engineering IELTS SCORE - Overall 7 (L-8, R-7.5, S-7, W-6) Looking for course based masters(MENG) in Canada for Electrical and Computer Engineering No work experience Can someone tell me what are the famous specialisations for Electrical and Computer Engineering in Canada I'm looking forward to apply for Concordia University, Dalhousie University,Ottowa University, University of Alberta,Mc master University..Is it a right choice


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VP ..

7 months ago

Definitely you have great choices . Can you please evaluate my profile too.

Karthini Rajasekhar

7 months ago

Hello ranjith, Waterloo is also a good university for ece... I have also applied for ece in certain unis in canada. McMaster, ottawa, alberta are all great choices! All the best!! See more

Ritesh Pahlani

7 months ago

Concordia is a great university, u can connect with me on v.riteshpahlani17@gmail.com, i have also applied there See more