Akshay Sharma

2 months ago

Can someone recommend good universities for MS in Business Analytics?

Hello Everyone,

Here’s my profile:

GRE: 316: Q: 162, V: 154, AWA: 3

B.Tech: 7.4

MBA: 3.1/4

Total Work Experience: 4 years

Post my MBA in HR, I’ve been working with IBM for the last 2 years as an HR Partner. Having done several People Analytics projects, I now want to pursue a full time degree in Business Analytics.

considering the profile, could someone please recommend some good universities. Thanks

P.S: Do I Need to re-take GRE to get into reputed universities?

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Jagadeesh Bodavula Mentor_tag

2 months ago

Hi Akshay, I can suggest you few universities which have good Business Analytics track. Apart from them I suggest you to use the college finder tool by Yocket to get a tailor made shortlist of universities for your profile by following this link: My suggestions are: 1. University of Texas at Dallas 2. Arizona State University 3. University of Minnesota, T... See more

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