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5 years ago

#askhiren #ImperialOverseas #dungeonmaster #deepank #vineethreddy #alihasan #askbiruda Profile Eval

#askhiren #ImperialOverseas #dungeonmaster #deepank #vineethreddy #alihasan #askbiruda
Profile Evaluation Request
Name: Sitangshu Chatterjee
--------------------------------------------- Degree: B.Tech
College: NIT Durgapur
Branch: Mechanical Engineering
Field of Interest: Soft Robotics, Smart Actuators
Degree Goal: MS
CGPA: 8.3/10 (Topper: 9.5)
Class Rank: 40/144
GRE: 329 [V: 160; Q: 169; AWA: TBA]
TOEFL: Not yet taken
--------------------------------------------- Internships: 1) Research Intern at University of Tokyo (May-Jul, 2017)
2) Research Assistant at CSIR-CMERI (Oct 16- Sep 17)
--------------------------------------------- Publications and Conferences:
3 Conference papers accepted ( All will be presented before application deadlines, i.e. Dec 15th; however, might not appear on IEEE explore while applying):
1. IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Biomimetics, Macau, China (Dec 2017)
2.IEEE International Conference on Electrical and Electronics Systems, Coimbatore, India (Oct 2017)
3.IEEE International Conference on Electrical and Electronics Systems, Coimbatore, India (Oct 2017)
--------------------------------------------- Projects: 1) Development of a biomimetic soft robotic earthworm (UTokyo)
2) Development of a 3DOF surgical manipulator for use in MIS (CMERI)
3) Development of a Finger rehabilitation glove for plantarflexion and dorsiflexion(CMERI)
4) Development of a soft wearable ankle rehabilitation exosuit using pneumatic actuators (NIT Dgp)
5)Development of a fully mechanical auto flush urinal system (NIT Dgp)
--------------------------------------------- Recommendations: 1) Assistant Professor, University of Tokyo (Mod-Strong)
2) Assistant Professor, NIT Durgapur (Strong)
3) Scientist, CMERI (Strong)
---------------------------------------------- Misc Achievements:
Champions, Runners up and 2nd Runners up in All-India Inter NIT football tournaments for 3 consecutive years
---------------------------------------------- Tentative List of Universities:
3) CU Boulder
5) UMich
6) CMU
7) Yale
8) Cornell
9) Iowa State Univ
10) WPI
11) ASU
Please help me sort these universities as ambitious,moderate or safe.
I am looking to apply to 2 ambi, 4 mod and 2 safe univs. Also, I am looking to apply to one outrageously ambitious university (MIT/Harvard), would it be advisable to give it a shot, since my guide at UTokyo has co-authored quite a few papers with an MIT prof recently, as well as he had done his postdoc from MIT.
Thanks in advance!

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