Akriti Sharma


3 months ago

All you need to know about STEM OPT in the USA

Students are always confused about OPT and STEM extensions etc. as these are relatively new terms and they have a direct impact on post graduation employability in the USA.

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) programs and many graduate degrees qualify to be considered as STEM degrees such as:

1.) Business Analytics
2.) MIS
3.) Quantitative Finance
4.) Computer and Information Sciences
5.)All branches of Engineering including Industrial Engineering

With a STEM OPT (Optional practical training) you get a 24 month visa extension on top of the 1 year original OPT period. This means that you can stay and work in the USA for a total of 3 years (1 year + 2 years OPT period).

But, to qualify for the 24-month extension period, you must :
- Have been granted OPT and currently be in a valid period of OPT
- Work for an employer who meets all the requirements listed in the STEM OPT Employer Responsibilities section
- Have earned a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree from a STEM accredited program

However, it is better to always ensure that the program you are applying to is STEM designated before you apply if that is your major concern.
If you cannot find information about it on the program page, don’t hesitate to send out an email to the program advisor asking about the same!

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