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When to Start Preparing for GRE? 8 Tips on When Should You Start Preparing for GRE

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When to Start Preparing for GRE? 8 Tips on When Should You Start Preparing for GRE  Image

Persistent confusion can lead to frustration and boredom, consequently lessening the learning ability of an individual. So is the case with the students preparing for Graduate Record Test (GRE). Many peers, counsellors, websites, and authors advise them on — when to start preparing for GRE. Some say that GRE preparation requires at least 6 months, others say 4 are adequate, and yet a few believe that 90 days are more than enough (or not sufficient at all.)

Duh! Different people can have differing opinions. Exhausting, isn’t it? 

If you, too, are an undergraduate aspirant wondering, “when should I start preparing for GRE?” Don’t get confused! Yocket professionals are here with a little help. Let’s go through this article to uncover facets of GRE preparation. 

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The Essence of GRE 

GRE general test evaluates a student’s Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, and Analytical Writing skills. Universities request this test to determine an applicant's suitability for graduate-level study across different disciplines. 

It includes 82 questions that students must solve in 3 hours and 45 minutes. The answers are scored within the 260 to 340 range. As per the Educational Testing Service (ETS), candidates can also take the GRE test on their personal computers at home. This standardised test can be a turning point in your graduate and business school application process. Therefore, in the case of GRE when to start preparing is crucial. 

Let’s check out some tips and know when to start preparing for GRE. 

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8 GRE Preparation Tips 2022

Students need to determine the time to prepare for GRE keeping their commitments in mind. They can either take coaching from the best GRE institutes in India or opt for online test preparation. 

However, despite knowing when one should start preparing for the GRE, things can still get topsy-turvy. But worry not! Take control of your GRE preparation for 2022 and know when to start studying for GRE by following these well-thought-out tips. 

1. Planning from Beginning

Due to the sudden announcement of GRE dates or other changes by ETS, few students are unable to plan their preparation courses. Whether you have 6 months, 3 weeks, or 2 days, prepare an action plan for your preparation. But first, register for GRE and schedule the appointment date, time, and centre location. Further, make your fee payment, and understand the GRE score reporting process and special home testing arrangements. 

2. Diagnose in Advance

A candidate must know what to expect from the test like the content, no. of questions, topics of questions, time duration for each section, break minutes in between, and other points. For this, one can give a GRE practice test to understand their weaknesses and take measures for improvement. 

3. Practice Tests are Paramount

Students must solve as many GRE practice tests as possible. These tests will help them hone their ability to deal with tricky questions, time limit, and pressure in the final exam. Try out Yocket's GRE Prep to enhance your GRE preparation for free.

4. Know the Question Types

It is crucial to know that questions in the verbal and quantitative section of the GRE have a variety of formats, such as single answer choice, one or more answer choices, numeric answers, and more. However, the writing section includes an essay. So it is crucial to get versed with the instructions and not get confused while writing.

5. Follow Strategies, Techniques, and Tricks for Each Section

While taking the GRE test, you can visit the review screens to check the answered, unanswered, and wrongly answered questions. Besides, you can learn various skills like skim reading, formulae, shortcuts, and others. These tricks will save you time attempting difficult questions and understanding how or when to start preparing for GRE. 

GRE Self Preparation

6. Maintain Error Record

Keep a record of your mistakes and practice them multiple times. This practice will help you not repeat them or get off-balance on the test day. 

7. Use Trustworthy Study Material

The resource of preparation matters a lot. A student should always select books that have various GRE questions, detailed explanations for answers, and similar practice tests. It is advised to go through the book's table of contents and structure before purchasing. 

8. Take GRE Twice

Many students take GRE twice to share their highest score. You can do the same by ensuring a gap of at least 21 days between the tests. Also, know that you can attempt GRE 5 times a year. So keep the pressure off your shoulders and perform your best. 

There is no definite time limit to prepare for the GRE. It depends on various factors like the term/session of your desired course, individual capacity and other preferences. So, it is advisable to analyze everything before starting with your GRE preparation. These tips will surely give you an idea of when should you start studying for the GRE and the time that is required to cover each preparation aspect. Get in touch with our Yocket professionals for further guidance and assistance in your study abroad journey.

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Have you selected the online preparation method for GRE? If yes, then Kudos, as Yocket provides GRE super-tests with an adaptive algorithm, section-wise solutions, and test score reports. Therefore, book your GRE practice tests on Yocket Prep+ now!

Frequently Asked Questions on When Should One Start Preparing for GRE

Ques. What is the most effective way to prepare for GRE? 

Ans. Please note that there are no set standards for GRE preparation. What works for your friend may not work for you. Therefore, dive into the tips mentioned above on when should you start preparing for GRE and practice the ones that suit you. 

Ques. When should you start preparing for GRE and how long does it take? 

Ans. This question is subjective, as some students may achieve the expected level of test proficiency in 3-4 months, while others may require less or more time. However, being continuous with your preparation is the key to success. 

Ques. When should I start preparing for GRE Analytical Writing?

Ans. The GRE writing is designed to evaluate your critical thinking and analytical writing skills. So you can prepare for this section alongside others by selecting a topic from the Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) pool of tasks updated on the ETS, referring to the official guide for learning specific instructions, practising writing responses, finalising a template, and remembering to have a solid argument. 

Ques. How to prepare for GRE Verbal Reasoning? 

Ans. GRE Verbal Reasoning questions can be tricky. So you can prepare this section by focusing on vocabulary with a vocab journal, GRE flashcards, etymology, mnemonics, vocab games, and more. Other than this, practice answering sentence equivalence and text completion questions. 

Ques. When should I start preparing for GRE Quantitative Reasoning? 

Ans. Once you register for GRE begin your preparation journey. You can prepare for this section by covering math fundamentals, frequent topics, and the ETS official guide. Besides, be careful of trap answers and learn to use the basic calculator when necessary.

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