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Format of the New GMAT Focus Edition

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The Graduate Management Admission Test, or GMAT is a common test for admission to Master of Business Administration (MBA) schools and other graduate business degrees like MIM, or PhD in business and management. The GMAT evaluates your critical thinking and reasoning skills by assessing you across four sections - analytical reasoning, integrated reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and verbal reasoning. 

An alternative to the original GMAT exam, the GMAT Focus Edition is a newer version released by the Graduate Management Council (GMAC), on November 7, 2023. To gain admission to the top business schools abroad, you must aim to score 700+ on the exam. Are you planning to take the GMAT Focus Edition,? You have landed on the right page! This blog will give you a thorough understanding of the GMAT Focus Edition format, emphasizing the key changes to the sections and question patterns. 

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What is the GMAT Focus Edition?

The GMAT exam is a gateway to top business and management programs worldwide. Its comprehensive assessment of critical thinking, reasoning, and communication skills ensures the selection of students with the potential to excel in demanding business environments. GMAT opens doors to exciting opportunities, prestigious institutions, and increased earning potential, propelling you toward a successful career. 

As the business environment changes rapidly, so do the abilities required to succeed. To guarantee that the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) maintains a credible and accurate measure of these skills, the GMAC has announced a significant test revision and the development of a brand-new GMAT test known as GMAT Focus.

The GMAT Focus Edition was launched on November 7, 2023, and is presently the only version accessible. The classic version has not been available since February 1, 2024.

The GMAT Focus Edition consists of 64 questions and candidates have 2 hours and 15 minutes to complete the exam. Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) has been removed from the GMAT Focus Edition. The GMAT Focus Edition has three sections:

  1. Quantitative Reasoning

  2. Verbal Reasoning

  3. Data Insights

GMAT Focus Edition - Exam Structure and Syllabus

The GMAT Focus Edition 2024 has three sections. A detailed overview of all three sections is shown in the table below.


Verbal Reasoning

Quantitative Reasoning

Data Insights

No. of questions




Section duration

45 minutes

45 minutes

45 minutes

Question types

Reading Comprehension

Critical Reasoning

Problem Solving

Algebra and Arithmetic

Data Sufficiency

Multi-source Reasoning

Table Analysis

Graphics Interpretation

Two-Part Analysis

Quantitative Reasoning

The QR (Quantitative Reasoning) section evaluates a candidate's ability to solve quantitative problems by applying mathematical concepts and logical reasoning abilities. This section comprises 21 multiple-choice questions that test the candidate's knowledge and skills in arithmetic, algebra, and geometry. Candidates are allotted a time frame of 45 minutes to complete this portion of the assessment.

Verbal Reasoning

The VR (Verbal Reasoning) section aims to gauge your proficiency in comprehending written materials, evaluating arguments, and ensuring adherence to standard written English conventions. This section presents you with 23 multiple-choice questions that require you to read and analyze passages from diverse sources and respond to inquiries based on the provided information. You will have 45 minutes to complete this section.

Data Insights

The recently introduced Data Insights section evaluates candidates' abilities in analyzing and interpreting data and applying it to practical business scenarios. Data Insights incorporates Integrated Reasoning and Data Sufficiency question types in the GMAT Focus Edition to measure a newly calibrated digital and data literacy dimension—a highly relevant and in-demand skill in today's business landscape.

This section consists of 20 questions that require candidates to assess how multiple sources and types of information, including graphical, numerical, and verbal data, are interrelated and can be utilized to make informed decisions. The questions may necessitate the application of mathematical skills, data analysis, verbal reasoning, or a combination of these abilities. Candidates are provided with an on-screen calculator to assist them while working through this section.

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What are the Changes with the New GMAT Focus Edition 2024?

There are seven major changes in the GMAT format which is shown below.

GMAT Focus Edition Exam Features

The GMAT Focus Edition is revolutionizing the test-taking experience, offering candidates a personalized and convenient journey like never before. Its innovative features give test-takers the control and flexibility they need to showcase their potential. Let's explore the exciting additions that make the GMAT Focus Edition a standout.

1. Question Review & Edit

The Question Review & Edit tool empowers test-takers to bookmark questions, review them later, and edit up to three answers per section. This feature eliminates the frustration of being unable to revisit and modify responses. Test-takers can now focus on the questions knowing they can revisit uncertain answers before moving on.

2. Select Section Order

The GMAT Focus Edition grants test-takers the flexibility to choose the sequence of the three sections, allowing them to tackle the exam in an order that aligns with their preparation strategy. Additionally, candidates can strategically plan their optional 10-minute break, optimizing their performance throughout the exam.

3. Improved Score Report

The Enhanced Score Report (ESR), now included in the exam fee, provides test-takers with deeper insights into their performance. This detailed report dissects their results, offering valuable feedback on their performance by section, program, school, content domain, question type, and skills. Candidates can identify their strengths and areas for improvement, enabling better preparation for future endeavors.

4. Flexible Score Sending

Test-takers no longer need to fear over which schools to send their scores to before taking the exam. The GMAT Focus Edition allows them to make decisions after receiving their scores at test centers and online. This feature enables candidates to concentrate solely on acing the exam, without the added pressure of pre-selecting schools.

5. Detailed Results Delivered Fast

Within 3-5 days of completing the exam, test-takers receive their Official Score Report, packed with comprehensive insights into their performance. This report provides section-by-section breakdowns, analyses of time management, and proficiency across various skills, equipping candidates with the knowledge to identify their strengths and areas for improvement.

GMAT Focus Score Chart

The GMAT Focus Edition, a new version of the GMAT exam, offers innovative features and shares similarities with the classic exam's scoring system. Both versions have 61 scoring levels, and they assess the candidate’s abilities. The GMAT Focus Edition's total score ranges from 205 to 805, allowing easier differentiation between the two.


GMAT Focus Edition

Classic GMAT

Number of Ability levels



Score Scales



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The first step to mastering the GMAT Focus Edition is to familiarize yourself with its syllabus and material, even though navigating it may seem difficult. With the appropriate study tools and preparation, getting a competitive score and a transformational business experience is possible!

Though the GMAT Focus Edition poses a new challenge for MBA aspirants, you may get into one of the best business schools worldwide with self-paced learning, regular efforts, and assistance from our Yocket experts! With 15+ years of experience, they can help you ace the GMAT by providing tips and keeping you up-to-date with deadlines and registrations. Moreover, they can assist you through every step in your educational journey to one of the best business schools abroad. So, why wait? Schedule A FREE Video Consultation Call Today!

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