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Fall 2018- F1 Student Visa Experience: (Delhi Consulate | University of Illinois at Chicago | Computer Science- Rejected)

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Profile Details:

University: University of Illinois at Chicago
Course: MS in Computer Science

Delhi Consulate
Date: May 2018
Status: Rejected

Visa Interview Experience:

Entered the consulate at 8.30 am, out by 9.25am.
Place was fairly crowded but everyone was called an hour early so it is better to reach the consulate 2 hours early. I was called at that counter at 9.15 I guess.

ME: Good morning Sir, How are you doing today?
VO: I'm doing good, pass me your i20 & passport.

VO: Why UIC? (While checking my passport)
Gave my prepared generic answer.

VO While checking passport he stood up and went somewhere with my passport to get it checked. Came back.
VO: Okay why did you choose this school? (He must have forgotten but he asked the same question)
ME: Gave same answer differently.

VO: Pass your SEVIS. How are you funding your studies?
My father is sponsoring me, we have also secured education loan from HDFC credilla.

VO: What does your father do?
Director at a Private firm.

VO: (reached for the blue slip book and said) Sorry I am not Approving your visa this time.
ME: Can you please tell me the reason.

VO: Its written in the slip.
Thank you, have a nice day ahead!

He only asked for my i20, passport & SEVIS receipt.
Whole visa was around 2 minutes where he was gone for almost a minute. I was answering smilingly the whole time and he was too.


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