Student VISA

Fall 2018- F1 Student Visa Experience: (Delhi Consulate | State University of New York at Stony Brook | Computer Science- Rejected)

Sumeet Jain

Profile Details:

University: State University of New York at Stony Brook
Course: MS in Computer Science

Delhi Consulate
Date: May 2018
Status: Rejected
Counter No: 12

Visa Interview Experience:

Visa officer was a woman in 30s. I reached the centre at 8 AM and was done with the VISA by 09:15 AM.

ME: Hello ma’am, Good Morning! How are you today?
VO: I’m great. Thank you, how are you?
I’m great as well. Thanks for asking.

VO: So you want to go to the Stony Brook.
Yes ma’am! I wish to pursue my masters in Computer Science from the university

VO: Very well! Why did you select the university?
Gave her 2 3 reasons. Research focus. Detailed curriculum. And I also mentioned intentionally that the curriculum is more detailed than my other admits.

VO: How many universities did you apply to and which other admits do you have?
I had applied to 6 universities from which I got accepted in 4 universities. Named them.

VO: What did you pursue in your Bachelors?
I completed my Bachelors in computer Engineering from Thapar university in 2015.

VO: What have you been doing since then?
I have been working with a startup which is an AI based loyalty management platform.

VO: What made you choose this specific course?
Gave her 2 reasons- My final yr project and my current work ex were the deciding factors.

VO: Who is sponsoring your education and how is he sponsoring it.
I have sanctioned an unsecured education loan of Rs. 40L and I have savings of about 6 Lakhs.

VO: How will you fund your second year?
I have sanctioned loan for the complete 2 years MS.

VO: Can you please show me the documents.?

VO: What will you do after MS?
I will return back to India after doing MS and continue to work in AI field.

VO: (Think for 10 seconds) Sorry I cannot approve your Visa this time.
Can you please tell me the reason.

VO: (Handed over me a slip) Its written in he slip. You can still reapply.
Thanks. Have a nice day.

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