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Fall 2017 - F1 Student Visa Experience: (Mumbai Consulate | Worcester Polytechnic Institute | Robotics - Approved)

Kashyap Matani

Profile Details:

University: Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Course: MS in Robotics

First Attempt
Mumbai Consulate
July 2017
Status: Approved
Counter No: 37

Visa Interview Experience:

ME: Good Morning sir.
VO: Good Morning. I will need your passport and I-20.
Yes, sure.

VO: Why Worcester Polytechnic Institute?
Mentioned about the project oriented curriculum and how it will provide me with hands on experience. Also mentioned the names and research of professors under whom I would like to learn.

VO: So your major is Robotics?
Yes Sir.

VO: Have you applied to the US universities before?
Yes sir, In fall 2016.

VO: Have you been to the states before for any interview or other work?
No sir.

VO: Okay, how many universities did you apply to this year and which are they?
7. SUNY Buffalo, University of Utah, Colorado School of Mines, Oregon State University, UIC and SUNY Stonybrook apart from WPI.

VO: How many admits?

VO: How do you plan to pay for the program?
My parents have xx lacs of savings and will be sponsoring me. Also, I have a loan sanctioned for xx lacs.

VO: What is the name of the bank from which you got the loan?
Pune District Central Co-operative Bank.

VO: What do your parents do?

VO: Okay, what will you do after masters?
The masters degree will provide me with an opportunity to work as a Robotics Engineer here in India at Tata Robotics and Automation or other Robotics firms.

VO: Won't you try getting something in the US? What about OPT?
I haven't thought about it as of now. If anything good comes up my way, I'll take it. (He laughed slightly)

VO: When are you planning to travel to the US?
August third week.

VO: Your Visa has been approved. All the best.
Thanks a lot sir.

The interview lasted for not more than a minute. No documents were asked other than I20 and passport.
I followed the advice of smiling, being confident.

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