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Fall 2017- F1 Student Visa Experience: (Mumbai Consulate | California State University, East Bay | Geology/Earth Science- Approved)

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Profile Details:

University: California State University, East Bay
Course: MS in Geology/Earth Science

First Attempt
Consulate: Mumbai
July 2017
Status: Approved
Counter No: 23

Visa interview Experience:

IELTS - 6 band, GRE – 294, CGPA – 6.7, Backlog – 0,

On that day, VO asked me only one question and gave me rejection.
(Why this university?)

Second Attempt

Hyderabad Consulate

On that day, VO asked me 7-8 questions and gave me rejection.
(Why this course?)
(What does your father do?)
(What is your father salary?)
(When did you passout?)
(Have you done any change in your profile?)
(What will you do with this course?)
(What is your future goal?)
(How did you come to know about this uni?)
(How will you fund your study?)

Third Attempt

Mumbai Consulate

On that day, VO asked me 4-5 questions and once again gave me rejection.
(What is your GRE score?)
(Quant score?)
(How will you fund your study?)
(What will you learn in this course?)

VO gave me rejection with 214(b) form, I asked reason but she didn't tell me.

After that I requested her to give 20 second to explain my application because my course is different.

I started with,

My area of interest is Earthquqke and USGS predicts that there is 72% chance of earthquakes near San Francisco Bay area in next 300 years with more than 6.7 Magnitude. And I am very passionate about what process is going there below earth surface. So that is why I choose this Country and this University

She was in hurray (I didn’t know why?) even though she listened me and said me sorry at this time,

I can't grant your visa. Then I asked her, should I apply next time?
Then, she only gave me smile and became silent.

After 3 days, Mumbai consulate sent me one mail for reappear visa on any working day between 10:30 am to 11:00 am in Mumbai consulate without making any new appointment. I was surprised & little bit confused.

On that day, I went to security guard and told him regarding this mail and he sent me directly in embassy and took my passport and other documents for verification. After that he came to me and told me to go window no 25 and when I went there, I was really surprised because she was same VO as last time.

Then, she typed my passport number in this computer.

VO: I appreciate your patience and thanks for coming.
Thank you very much for giving me second chance.

VO asked me 18-20 questions and said golden words
VO: I am approving your Visa and do hard work because your course is very nice.
Thank you ma’am.

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