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Fall 2017- F1 Student Visa Experience: (Lahore Consulate | Northwood University | Masters in Business Administration- Approved )

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Profile Details:

University: Northwood University
Course: Masters in Business Administration

First Attempt
Consulate: Lahore, Pakistan
July 2017
Status: Rejected

Visa Interview Experience:

After fingerprints went into the line for visa interview

ME: Good Morning
VO: (passed a smile).
ME: passed I-20, SEVIS fees receipt and passport without even asking her.

VO: Why do you want to go to US?
To pursue my masters in business administration.

VO: Which university?
Northwood University.

VO: Did you applied to any other university
(Started getting nervous) University of Alabama Birmingham, Florida Atlantic university.

VO: Why Northwood university?
One of the best business universities in Michigan.

VO: why are you looking at Michigan Only?
No it’s not like that (got more nervous) I have got a scholarship from this university. Their course structure matches my area of interest. It is most affordable university out of all the universities that I applied to.

VO: How did you find out about this university?
I have met their alumni six months back.

VO: where have you met them?

VO: You have previously studied veterinary sciences and now going for MBA?
No I have done doctor of pharmacy from UVAS. I want to pursue pharmaceutical marketing for that I am pursuing MBA. In Pakistan there is a lot of potential in pharmaceutical business sector. This is a densely populated country and medicine is a basic need. That’s all
Passed me the yellow slip along with my I-20 and passport.


Second Attempt

Consulate: Lahore, Pakistan
July 2017
Status: Approved
Counter No: 23

Visa interview Experience:

Interviewer was a really nice guy. A white American gentleman in his 30's had a small beard. 
VO: Good Morning.
Good Morning how are you (with a strong smile n stare in his eyes)

VO: Pass me your passport sevis I-20 and passport 

VO: Where are you going to?
Sorry sir I can't hear you at all.

VO: I said where going to ?
United States of America.

VO: No I said which university?
Northwood university.

VO: Started seeing the screen and my last interview experience) it appears that you have came last week. What circumstances you have changed?
I was really nervous last time. And was unable to answer properly. Whole pointing on documents folder I said this time I have my all documents with me. And sir there is a funny thing as well.

VO: What? (With a serious stare)
Visa officer who interviewed me last time is really pretty white American blonde. Since I belong to a traditional family in Pakistan and not used to talking to such pretty ladies so I lost my cool and became nervous in front of her. As I am shy (with blinking eyes and genuine smile)

VO: Checked out the visa officer (smiled) oh this one.
Anyways how many universities you have applied to?
ME: 4.

VO: Name them.
University of Alabama Birmingham, Florida Atlantic university, university of Massachusetts Lowell, Northwood university.

VO: How many accepted you?
All of them.

VO: Why you choose Northwood?
Northwood university has a course curriculum which focuses on entrepreneurship, leadership and management. These are the things that I really wanna study. Specially entrepreneurship. As I have planned to start my own retail pharmacy business in Lahore, Pakistan. After I come back.

VO: What have you previously studied?
Doctor of pharmacy.

VO: From where?
University of veterinary and animal sciences. One of the top 8th university in Pakistan according to HEC ranking.

VO: (Impressed yet confused) and firstly you have studied pharm. and now going for MBA ? Why 
Sir I am working in a pharmaceutical firm. Since last year. I am a small part of a huge firm. Now I want to open my own thing. I believe I have technical knowledge about pharmacy. But no business knowledge at all. That's why I am here right in front of you, Sir let me give you an example.

VO: Nodded his head
The owner of largest chain pharmacy in Lahore. Owner of clinix + pharmacy. Well he is a pharmacist but MBA from USA.

VO: (Seems satisfied) who's going to pay for all this?
My father.

VO: What does he do?
Veterinary doctor since last 30 years. (Gave him dads visiting card)

VO: Oh veterinary doctor. Back in America I have pets too.
That's nice. moreover my mother is chief hospital pharmacist in one of the renowned government hospitals in Lahore. We have savings of 80 lakh and other liquid funds of 34 lakh and besides this we have rental incomes of 1 lakh per month that is 12 lakh per year too from properties that we own.

VO: Do you have any property?
Yes sir we have 2 double story houses in Lahore. A luxury apartment in Murree. It's like 1 hour from here. Allot of plots and ancestral land as well.

VO: Rreally? Show me your bank statement?

VO: It's just 30 lakh.
Sir turn over the page. There is another one from another bank of 50 lakh as well. That are almost $47000. Solely maintained in a separate account to manage my educational expenses.

VO: Have you ever travelled before?
No sir this would be my first time.

VO: Do you know anyone in USA?
No (acting like thinking) actually yes sir there is a senior who is studying in northeastern university. But it's in Boston. Well he is studying masters in regulatory affairs. As far as I remember.

VO: Okay good (typing)
Tying for 2 minutes
ME: I am really excited to study from there. Though I'll not be the first one to do so.

VO: Stared at me
Back in 1962 my maternal grandfather studied PG diploma in Project management from Washington state university on full bright scholarship and he secured a gold medal over there. Studying in USA for me is more like a legendary thing.

VO: Congratulations man your visa has been approved. (Gave me blue slip, gave me back my Sevis and I-20 with a smile) best of luck with your studies. Collect your passport in 2 days.
Thank you sir. You made my day. I'll study hard and make you proud. (Left the counter in excitement)

VO: You have forget your bank statement over here.
Oh apologies sir.

Confidence, eye contact, smile, polite, precise answers, genuine answers.
Your answers. Not generic answers. They want to hear from your heart.
3 things that they are determining while conducting interview:

  1. Genuine student (by selection of university and how many you applied to ?
  2. Credible financial plan (that how you are going to pay) by bank statements and asking what does your parents do?
  3. Intent to return back (by asking plans after you come back) I knew it that's why I told I want to do business here.

Just stay calm cool and talk to the point. Best of luck to everyone.

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