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Fall 2017 – F1 Student Visa Experience: (Hyderabad Consulate | Northeastern Illinois University | Computer Science - Approved)


Profile Details:

University: Northeastern Illinois University
Course: Computer Science

First Attempt
Hyderabad Consulate
July 2017
Status: Approved
Counter No: 10

Visa Interview Experience:

VO rejected a guy before me as he was married and was applying for some visa(I don't know which one) then came my turn.

ME: Good Afternoon officer!
Good afternoon! How are you doing?

ME: I am doing good and what about you?

VO: Have you applied for VI before.
No ma’am. This is my first time.

VO: What course have you done previously?
Bachelors in CS!

VO: When did you completed your undergraduate?

VO: How many backlogs?

VO: Which was the easiest subject in your undergraduate?
 Thinking and thinking what to say and told Computer Network.

VO: Please tell me your experience why was it easy?
Because it was all about computer networking and I had a good idea about the subject and also it was related to system oriented(Was thinking about connection oriented and connection less but my mind was playing games with me)

VO: Okay which was the tough one?
ECM(Electronics and Communication Model was what I said but it's Electronic and. I too don't remember the name)

VO: Why was it so tough?
Because it was all related to ECE field and there were so many problems and theorem to learn. That's why I found it difficult.

VO: What project have you done in your undergraduate?
Continuous and.

VO: Explain it to me boi!
Explained it to her and was hesitant while saying that but then I realized I can't be nervous or anything right now and said about it with full confidence.

VO: What does your father do?

VO: Medical doctor?

VO: What does your mother do?
My brother? (I was shocked at that moment)

VO: Your mother!
She is a house maker!

VO: Do you have any education loan?

VO: What's your father annual income?
XX lakhs.

VO: Who's funding for you education?
My dad!

VO: How will he do that?
He has a saving of xx lakhs! (I forgot to tell her about properties)

VO: Show me your savings pass book!
Taking out sevis receipt (Heard savings as sevis)

VO: NO! I need your savings book!
Giving her the bank certificate instead of passbook.

VO: The passbook is what I need!
Oh okay sure here it is.

VO: Looked at the passbook and was checking the transaction!
(And after that she started typing and I started praying to god) Then she asked me this!!!

VO: Have you been to AFGHANISTAN?
No ma’am no!

By this time I was sure that I was confident in saying everything and wasn't hesitant about anything. Then she told this
VO: Your visa is approved!
I thought she would say congrats and I would be smiling and saying thank you but nothing like that happened over here(So I told thank you to her and asked like a boss

ME: When will i be receiving the passport?

VO: within 3-5 days boi!
Allrite ma'am.

So let me brief up about today's situation! As today was Tuesday very few people showed up at the consulate. By the time I was done with my interview (12:10) the consulate was empty. I was looking everywhere but I found no one to be present. Then I realized that many people might not have booked because it's Tuesday and also it was Hyderabad consulate. To be honest! My family member were too tensed about the Tuesday thing and also regarding documents but remember one thing ! Hardwork , Confidence and Determination is what you need to clear the interview. For me it was like a survey going on).

PS: My passport status is being displayed as Administrative processing. Is it same for everyone once there passport is approved or else is it some other case. No technical questions were asked even though I was prepared for it.

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