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Fall 2017 – F1 Student Visa Experience: (Hyderabad Consulate | California State University, East Bay | Computer Science - Approved)

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Profile Details:

University: California State University, East Bay
Course: MS in Computer Science

First Attempt
Hyderabad Consulate
August 2017
Status: Approved.
Counter No: 20

Visa Interview Experience:

ME: Hello ma’am.
VO: Hello! please pass your i20.
Sure ma’am (passed)

VO: Why this university?
I prepared for this question, mentioned my area of interest, balanced course work, credit hour Program (mandatory course credits, electives credits and graduate capstone). VO impressed.

VO: UG percentage?
70% ma’am.

VO: Any backlogs?
Yes ma’am but I cleared in next attempt.

VO: GRE score?
299 with 158 in Quant ma’am.

VO: How you going to fund your masters?
My father is sponsoring me and he works in National Investigation Academy (NIA) and we have savings of 25 lac and also i have taken a loan of 20 lac.

VO: Loan? from which bank?
Yes, from SBI.

VO: Collateral?
House property ma’am.

VO: Continuously typing and how you managed to have savings of 25 lac?
Ma’am as I mentioned you my father works in NIA and his annual income is close to 17 lac that includes his salary, agricultural income and house rental income.

VO: Okay I am approving your visa. have a nice stay in California. thank you
Thank you ma’am.

No technical questions and documents were asked except passport and i20, total duration around:45-60 seconds.

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