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Fall 2017 – F1 Student Visa Experience: (Dhaka Consulate | Texas A&M University - Commerce | Computer and Information Science - Rejected)

Rohan Deshmukh

Profile Details:

University: Texas A&M University - Commerce
Course: MS in Computer and Information Science

Second Attempt
Consulate: Dhaka, Bangladesh
July 2017
Status: Rejected
Counter No: 16

Visa Interview Experience:

VO was the white American fatty man...most probably Larry.Me: Good morning officer.
VO: Good morning. Pass me your I-20 and passport

VO: Why have you chosen this university?
Sir there are several factors. This university is doing advance research in the field of computer science. My advisor told me that they are running some projects which are relevant to my recent work. Moreover, this university offered me scholarships and in-state tuition fee. There are the main factors.

VO: Who is going to pay this 17,500 USD?
Sir my parents have family saving of XX lac and they will spend some money from there.

VO: After typing for 40 seconds(aprox), the VO told me. Get more financial support from the university. You don’t qualify for us visa this time.
Sir, I have my financial document with me.

VO: Smiled and said. sorry your interview is over.
Ok sir, thank you and smiled.

I don't know what went wrong. I had sufficient family savings which is multiple times of the deficit amount. I told the amount during the interview but the VO didn't ask to see the bank statement. I was expecting more questions like what is your future plan, what do your parents do etc etc.

In my first interview I was nervous so I talked less and I was not able to hear properly, so asked to repeat questions for 2 times. That time my scholarship and in-state tuition waiver were not included in I-20.

First Attempt
Consulate: Dhaka, Bangladesh
Date: July, 2017
Counter No: 08

The VO was the Korean-American man
VO: Pass me your passport and I-20

VO: You are going to do Masters right?

VO: Why did you choose TAMUC?
This one is the best admit.

VO: Tell me your other admits.
FIT, CSUN and FIU(by mistake I told FIU.)

VO: When did you complete your UG? (I could not hear his voice clearly.)
 So I answered university name.

VO: Did you took GRE for this?

VO: Show me the score card.

VO: Who is going to pay this $26000?
My parents.

VO: What do they do?
 Told that father is an engineer and has his own consultancy firm and mother is a housewife.

VO: VO asked about my father's monthly income

VO: What will you do after MS?
I will come back to my country and will apply for teaching position.

VO: Have you ever visited any other country?(not sure about this question. I couldn't hear clearly, this question could be Have you ever visited US?)
So I answered I visited India only not USA. (I know this might be the reason of rejection)

VO: Did your father visited other country?
Yes and told the names.

I know I did several mistakes in my first interview. So, I worked on it. But in my second attempt I was answering every question confidently and I told the VO about my scholarship and tuition waiver.

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