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Fall 2015 Visa Experience: (Delhi Consulate | University of Texas – Arlington | Computer Science)

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Profile Details:

University: University of Texas - Arlington
Course: MS in Computer Science

First Attempt
Delhi Consulate
June 2015
Status: Approved
Counter No: 10

Visa Interview Experience:

I reached there 1 hour earlier and to my expectations the climate was pretty good. There were already like 300 or more people waiting outside the embassy and I could see a very few students who were there to apply for F1 Visa.
At 8AM the security guard called all the people which were in the 8:30 slot.
Everyone rushed like it was a race to the entrance of the embassy. Due to some technical faults being going on some applicants were asked to apply again and they were really upset to hear about that. Luckily I didn’t face that problem. After all the furious checking by guards I got into the embassy. I sat near a student and started interacting with him to distract myself a little bit. Then after finger prints I was asked to go forward. At that time I thought there might be some formalities still to be done but unlikely to what I thought I found myself standing just in front of the interview counter and I was like damn nervous as I was not expecting this so early. Before me a family was standing of 3 members and I was trying to hear what the VO was asking to them but I heard only the last statement from him i.e. Your Visa is Approved and the family was thanking him. I felt a bit relaxed after hearing this then the VO called me and here it goes:

The VO was an American Guy in his mid 32 years.
VO: Good Morning.(Smiled)
Good Morning Sir.(Was smiling all the time)

VO: Your passport please.
There you go sir.(I20 was stapled with it already)

VO: So how many universities have you applied to?
Sir 5 (Mentioned all of them except one as I forgot about it in nervousness but somehow he didnt give a damn).

VO: Why Texas?
Sir the climate there is pretty good.(why I said this I thought and the VO looked at me and gave me a funny smile then I somehow managed to go on as he was expecting more)
And Sir the most important thing there are the research facilities being provided in the computer science field which will be definitely going to help me in my Masters. (I stumbled little bit in saying all this).

VO: Who is sponsoring you?
My parents are sponsoring me Sir. My father.

VO: What does your father do?
He is in government education sector.

VO: Specifically in which department?
Teaching Sir. He is a teacher.

VO: What's his salary?
Sir his salary is xxx. (Then I added more)
My mother will also be supporting me financially.(I didn’t tell this earlier as in my I20 at the sponsored blank father was written).

VO: Ok what does your mother do?
My mother is also in government education department and she is principal.

VO: How much she earns?
Sir her salary is xxx.

(Then he kept typing for like 1 minute and I was like please say the 4 magical words "Your Visa is approved". Then he stopped typing and looked at me for 5 second. I was smiling confidently. And then)

VO: All right I am approving your Visa. (With a big smile.)
Thank you sir (With a smile bigger than him.)

VO: You are welcome.

Thats it. No tough questions just what he was trying to check was that how much I was confident. My advise is dont go to counsellors for this simple thing. Instead of this have a bit knowledge about your field and about your university and be sure of what you have filled in your DS160 and you will make your way.

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