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Fall 2015 - F1 Student Visa Experience: (Hyderabad Consulate | California State University, Los Angeles | Computer Science - Approved)

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Profile Details:

University: California State University, Los Angeles
Course: MS in Computer Science

First Attempt
Mumbai Consulate
July 2015
Status: Approved
Counter No: 29

Visa Interview Experience:

Reached at the consulate at 9:15 with nothing but documents file and umbrella (Analog watch is allowed by the way). Watchman asked me to stand in the queue. Queue was moving fast enough went inside in just 15 minutes. Now File was taken in a basket and I was asked to stand in a queue for checking Again I was asked to move to a door, now I am in the actual bigger premises and went & stood in the line (there are chairs to sit down so don't worry you don't have to stand up all the time). Both guys on my left and right were F-1 visa aspirant ( to people around you it'll dial down any nervousness you have!)
Now, finally went inside the door and now I sm in Visa Interview Zone. Stood in a queue, passports were collected, one officer took the fingerprints and verified that I am in the database from my OFC the day before. Once that is verified the passport was returned to me and asked to stand in next queue.
The Girl in front of me whose interview was going on faced a rejection. (and I guess my heart just skipped a beat there.
I was asked to come forward..The visa officer was a lady of around 30-35 age with giant glasses.

VO: Good morning
Very Good Morning ma’am

VO: Give me your passport n I-20
(while giving the docs) How you doing this fine morning?

VO: I'm doin fine,thank you, how bout you?
I'm fine. Thank you

VO: So what are you going for to CSULA?
For M.S. in Computer Science.

VO: What particular in Computer Science?
Software Development.

VO: Why this college only?
Ma’am, it has the Good Education Standards with Excellent Faculties. I am From Computer background and the CS branch at CSULA is the Top Branch there with brilliant Departmental Profile, so I would get to study under the Best

VO: Ok. So what after MS?
I would return to India and would love to work in MNC's.

VO: what will you be doing there?
I 'll work as a Software Developer.

VO: Why MNC's only ?
Because they Provide the good package (bigger smile).

VO: (with a finally) Yeah! but why Software Developer and why would you like to work in MNC's ?
Because ma’am since I was a kid I am very much fascinated by the programming. and would love to work on those skills.

VO: So, who is sponsoring you?
My parents.

VO: Do you know how much they have saved for your Education?
Yes ma’am. Its XXXX lakhs, And I have acquired a loan of 20 lakhs from SBI (She stopped going through my docs)

VO: Your Visa is Approved You can collect it in few days
Thank you ma’am.

ME: Mam when ll I get my Passport back.
I am keeping your passport for printing that your visa is approved so you'll get it in few days

ME: Oh! Thank you ma’am, have a Nice Day!

And went my way.
(Stood in line for an hour n visa was approved in a minute)

So on Final Note: The environment is not that tense, its very casual and exciting. So dnot get bothered. The officer sits behind a glass window but DON'T Worry you can hear everything the officer says very very clearly from the speaker on your right. There are number of counters there in a row where the interviews of number of people are going on simultaneously but you don't have to worry about a single thing it wont be a prob because you'll be focused on your interview only! and finally A Smile Goes A Long Long way.

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