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Application documents for applications via uni-assist, 1. Application form - will be created during the uni-assist online application process, , 2. Primary university degree/undergraduate degree -incl. official translation (if not issued in German or English), , including your university degree certificate as well as a summary of your study subjects, grades and credit points (transcript), or, , if you have not completed your Bachelor’s studies yet (at a university in the EU), an ECTS certificate with your current total number of ECTS credit points and your current average cumulative grade (GPA), an official summary of your study subjects incl. the current total number of ECTS credit points and your current current average cumulative grade (GPA), issued by the respective official of your university (e.g. examinations office) or downloaded from your university online account, For details, please see here:, If existing, please upload the study and examinations regulations (“Studien- und Prüfungsordnung – StuPO”) as well as the module descriptions of your primary university degree program (in German or English) and highlight the sections that are relevant to the content-related/specific entry requirements of your desired Master’s degree program. This allows the examinations board to better manage the verification process and to correctly verify your application in regard to the content-related entry requirements., 3. Copy of your passport or ID(biographical page with personal data), , 4. Proof of German language proficiency - incl. official translation (if not issued in German or English), , For all degree courses with German as the language of instruction, A proof of German language proficiency is not required for applicants who are holding a German citizenship and/or a German university entrance qualification (Abitur, German university degree, etc.)!, For further information:, 5. Current certificate of enrolment or certificate of termination of enrolment (exmatriculation), , if you had/have been enrolled at a German university after your graduation from a foreign university, 6. Further specific proofs and certificates (study program related) incl. official translation (if not issued in German or English), , Some of our Master’s degree programs require further specific proofs or certificates. For ex. a proof of English language proficiency. Please visit our website for more information on the specific requirements of your desired Master’s degree program (admissions requirements). If you have further questions on the formal requirements of these specific proofs and certificates or if you have questions with regard on content, please contact the responsible student advisory service of your desired Master’s degree program., In case you have to submit work samples (e.g. for the Master’s degree program in Architecture), please submit it also as a PDF file together with your application documents., Specific proofs and certificates might be requested as original documents or in the form of officially certified copies according to the admissions regulations (“Zugangs- und Zulassungsordnung (ZZO”)). These documents are to be submitted only electronically as a PDF files., 7. Proof of periods of civilian/military service, if applicable, according to article 7 (1) of the “Berliner Hochschulzulassungsgesetz (BerlHZG)” (Berlin higher education admissions law), , 8. Applying for a higher semester, , For an application for a higher semester, the following additional documents have to be submitted to the TU Berlin Graduate Admissions Department in due form and time incl. the approval of the examinations board. Please consider the information about the documents and the respective deadlines on our website., Credit transfer application - part A with the placement into the appropriate term of studying (“Fachsemester”) if you want to apply for a lateral entry in a Master’s degree course (“Quereinstieg”)., Credit transfer application - part A with the placement into the appropriate term of studying (“Fachsemester”) if you want to continue a formerly cancelled enrolment into a Master's degree program at TU Berlin (“Wiedereinschreiber”) (applies only to Master's degree programs with restrictions on admission.), 9. Country-specific requirements, , Applicants who graduated from universities in the People’s Republic of China, Vietnam, Mongolia and Iran have to additionally fulfil country-specific requirements. For more details, please see here:,

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