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Checklist, 1. Application application - is created in the uni-assist portal during the online application, , 2. Proof of the first professional university degree certificate - including translation (if not issued in German or English), , consisting of the certificate and an overview of subjects / grades with details of the credit points (transcript), or, , If you have not yet completed your bachelor's degree in an EU member state, an ECTS certificate with the current ECTS total including the current average grade, Official performance overview with the current ECTS total including the current average grade, issued by the relevant department of the university (e.g. examination office) or download from the university's own online portal, For details see, If available, please send the study and examination regulations as well as the module descriptions of your 1st professional university degree (German or English) if you are not acquiring your 1st professional university degree at the TU Berlin.This enables a correct examination of the content-related admission requirements. Please mark the areas here that are relevant for fulfilling the content-related access requirements. In this way you support the examination board in its work and help it to arrive at a faster and clearer result with regard to your content-related suitability., 3. Front of your identity card or passport (with personal data), , 4. Proof of German language skills including translation (if not issued in German or English), , for all German-language courses, Applicants with German citizenship and / or with German / German-speaking university entrance qualifications (Abitur, university degree, etc.) do not need proof of German language proficiency!, For details see, 5. Current certificate of enrollment or de-registration, , if you are or have been matriculated at a German university after completing your first professional university degree abroad, , 6. Further course-specific evidence including translation (if not issued in German or English), , For some master’s courses, further course-specific proof, e.g. proof of English language skills, may be required. You can find out whether this also applies to your desired course of study on our website and in the respective entry requirements for your desired course of study. If you have any formal or content-related questions about these certificates, please contact the relevant academic advisory service for the degree program., If you are required to work samples, for example in the master’s architecture, please send them to us digitally with your other application documents., If necessary, these proofs are requested as originals or officially certified copies in accordance with the ZZO. This evidence, too, is only to be submitted as a PDF., 7. Evidence of any periods of service in accordance with Section 7 (1) of the Berlin University Admissions Act (BerlHZG), only if available, including translation (if not issued in German or English), , 8. Application for a higher semester, , When applying for a higher semester, the following documents must also be submitted in the required form and deadline with classification by the examination board. Please inform yourself about the type and deadline of the submission on our website ., Application for review of previous achievements - Part A with a corresponding semester classification as a lateral entrant in another master’s course, or, , Application for review of previous achievements - Part A with the corresponding semester classification as a re- enrollment in the same master’s degree with the same study and examination regulations at the TU Berlin (only applies to master’s degree programs with restricted admission)., 9. Country-specific requirements, , For graduates from PR China, Vietnam, Mongolia and Iran, there are further country-specific requirements that must be met when applying. Please see the following page for more information .,

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