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Requirements:, Some basic knowledge of differential equations or functional analysis and of numerical methods is recommended. The Master’s degree programme also enables students to specialise in the numerics of partial differential equations or in optimisation. Applicants should be accordingly familiar with the basic ideas of these fields., The requirement for admission to the Master’s degree programme is a good Bachelor’s degree in a mathematical programme, or in a closely related field with a substantial content of mathematical courses (at least 45 ECTS). Qualification or aptitude for the Master’s degree programme is examined in the qualification assessment process. Applicants with a degree not in mathematics, but in a related field, can only be admitted after passing an oral exam. The criteria in this oral exam are: basic knowledge in functional analysis or in the theory of differential equations, basic knowledge in numerics or in optimization, ability for discussion on mathematics in English, e.g., on the applicant’s Bachelor’s thesis., Since all the mandatory and mandatory elective modules are taught in English, an English certificate CEFR B2 is required, except if your university entrance qualification or the Bachelor’s degree was acquired in an anglophone programme, or if you had 6 years of English lessons at a German secondary school., ,

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