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Why having a 3.0 GPA is important in the United States?

As an international student in the USA, you are mandated by the immigration department to have a minimum of 3.0 GPA out of 4.0. For some reason, a student might not be able to complete this requirement. It might be due to a new environment, an accident, or you are more focused on a part-time job. If you don't end up having a 3.0, the university will put you on a probation list

Now, you might be wondering what does ‘probation’ mean?
It basically means that the university is keeping you in observation for the next semester and the university is giving you the opportunity to bring up your GPA to at least 3.0. During the probation period, you would not be eligible for any kind of assistantships, you would not be eligible to travel, and you would not be able to register for classes in the next to next semester. For example - If you are a fall student and you score a less than 3.0 GPA then you would be on the probation list in the spring semester, and you would not be able to register for classes in the next fall semester unless you have a 3.0 GPA in the spring semester.

Worst case:
If you don't score a 3.0 GPA, then there are 2 options:
If you are in a state university then you have the option to go to a community college -> get your GPA to more than 3.0 -> join back the college after getting your GPA above 3.0.
If you are in a private college then the university will give 3-4 weeks(time period may vary) to find another college and if you couldn't then the university will disqualify your SEVIS account. Personally, I hope nobody is ever in this situation but despite studying hard some of us may struggle to get a 3.0. So, my advice is since colleges are starting in 3-4 months from now, it is a good time to brush up on your skills.

How to overcome this problem?
Take less credit next semester but above the minimum credit requirement assigned by the university. This way you will have more time to study per semester.

Take help from all the resources on the campus - TA, graduate advisors, professors, and past students. Do not be afraid to explain your situation and ask for help on how to improve. They will help you out without resolution like what type, of course, you should take, which courses are easy, etc.

Dropping the part-time job would give you more time to study. A part-time job might be taking more time than you think.

If you have a genuine reason like the demise of a family member, you were in the ER because of a tragic accident and ended up weeks or months in the hospital. This is definitely considered by the professors. Write to them, tell them about your situation. They will surely help you out in some or another way.

If you are in a tech degree like computer science or information technology and are planning to apply for SDE-type roles. I highly recommend taking up some Object-oriented, and algorithm courses to brush up your skills.

On a personal note - Go green and good luck !!!

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Above mentioned all after joining the university ?

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