Divya Ko

a month ago

Which university is best 1) sacred heart university- healthcare informatics 2) wright state university- pharmacology and toxicology 3) northeastern university- drug regulatory affairs 4) Long Island university-

Industrial pharmacy -long Island university


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Balu 909

a month ago

Yeh is Good University 😊

Sanika Udhoji Mentor_tag

a month ago

Hi Divya, Northeastern university might be a better choice considering factors like overall rank of the universities, location, opportunities and faculty. You can find more general information on these links – Northeastern: https://yocket.com/universities/northeastern-university-boston-736 WSU: https://yocket.com/universities/wright-state-university-2656 Sacred Heart: https://yocket.com/universit See more


Siva Kesava Reddy

a month ago

NEU Boston

Arjun Aravind

a month ago

Hi Divya, of all these unis, I would say NEU is the better option as it is more reputed and recognized across the whole nation and has some international recognition as well, whereas the other universities are pretty low ranked (All fall between 200-400, whereas NEU is top 50). A degree from NEU can get you jobs anywhere in the United States, and also with higher pay than the other options you sta... See more

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