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19 days ago

Which tests to take for 2025 intake?

Are you confused whether you would be required to give tests for 2025 intake?
Did you manage to pick the right tests for yourself from the various choices you have available?

Don’t stress.

We are here with a tell all session about GRE,GMAT, IELTS,TOEFL,DUOLINGO and more.
We have test experts who will help you weigh the pros and cons of each and help you make the best decision!
So don’t forget to join us on the 10th of May, 2024 at 6:30 pm
See you there!

#studyabroad #toefl #Ielts #gre #gmat

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Yocket Hub
Yocket Hub

12 hours ago

Fund your masters! Scholarships 2025
Do you want to learn about SCHOLARSHIPS and other strategies you can use to fund your education in 2025?
We are going live with ‘a tell all’ webinar on 31st May at 7pm.

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Sai Sree
Sai Sree

a day ago

Hii I got a i20 from scared heart university for masters in computer science
Can anyone tell me about the university and is there any special courses that university offered for computer science students.. #masters #studyabroad
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