Adi A

15 days ago

What would sum up to be the total cost needed for Masters in the US?

I am planning to apply for Masters in the US. I am trying to make an estimate of the total cost which would be required for completing the Masters program in the US (according to the location - highest, least and average). Also, how much can we earn through working part time on campus in different universities.

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A D Mentor_tag

15 days ago

Hi, The total cost depends on the city you are living in. Living expenses for cities like New York, San Francisco, seattle can go as high as $1100 per month. If it's a college town like Clemson, the living expenses can be as low as $600 per month. A 2-year master's program can have a tuition fee of $50,000. State universities are relatively cheaper by $5k to 10k. Minimum wage for a part time diffe... See more