Adi A

14 days ago

What would be the average pay (salary) for graduates from different streams in the US?

What would be the average payscale for a Masters graduate in the US for various streams, and range of pay for each Masters stream?

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Sanika Udhoji Mentor_tag

8 days ago

Hi Adi, Based on data analyzed by NACE, the average salaries are: Computer science $75,900 Engineering: $73,922 Math and sciences: $66,760 Social sciences: $61,173 Business: $60,695 Agriculture and natural resources: $57,807 Communications: $55,455 Humanities: $50,681 Dental hygiene: $69,400 Nuclear medicine: $66,000 Early childhood education: $36,100 Mental health counseling: $36,100 Hope this ... See more