Anam Shams

16 days ago

What are the chances of getting F1 visa in second attempt?

Hi, Yocketer's. Can anyone share insights on getting F1 visa approval in the second attempt? Please share some tips to follow for an F1 visa interview for a second time, how to prepare for it and how to increase the chances of getting it on second attempt. #StudentVisa


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A D Mentor_tag

15 days ago

Hi, Reasons for visa might be: No intention of returning back - loan helps in this regard Financial inadequacy - Show as many liquid funds as much possible. minimum of 1.5 ties of i20 Lousy conduct and meek body language - Wear a formal shirt but not necessary, don't wear party wear. have a haircut Incorrect information - don't lie. don't say anything that is incorrect Unimpressive academic creden... See more

Smoky Zz Mentor_tag

15 days ago

Hi anam Your Visa 2nd Attempt depends completely on what changes you have made in your ds-160 from last time and What extra preparation have you dont in mean time from last rejection and there are also stories people not even being asked a question and getting rejected, So it sometimes do be about luck. More than luck its your confidence and Changes you have made in ds-160! See more