Yash Vohra

23 days ago

Washington University

Is Washington University at St. Louis is good for BSc in computer science to get a high paying job after graduation?


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Harshit Shokeen

21 days ago

It's depends on ur skills bro. If u r skillfull then colleges,universities doesn't matter

Gir Bha

22 days ago

Its gone be too expensive

Adithya Datta Mentor_tag

22 days ago

Hey Yash Vohra Yes surely Washington University at St.Louis is worth graduating with a cs degree. As the Location of the University also matters in job factor this university is at its best place. Average Starting salary of a CS grad from this school starts on earning from $101k/year. The big techy companies in the world such as Accenture , Microsoft , Goldman Sachs etc are the top recruiters here... See more


Rohan Indoria

23 days ago

Hey i also wanna go there ... But is the tuition fee on an average 5000 dollars? Because on the internet it is given that it is 50000 dollars See more

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