Nikhila Radhakrishnan

4 days ago

Visa rejection reasons

I was rejected F1 visa recently in Chennai on June 15 under Section 214b. Can anyone please suggest me what might be the reasons for the rejection ? I have actually graduated in 2019. I have one year research experience , and then did 2 internship for a period of 4 months. CGPA-8.85/10.


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A D Mentor_tag

4 days ago

Hi, Reasons for Visa Rejection might be - No intention of returning back Financial inadequacy Lousy conduct and meek body language Incorrect information lack of knowledge See more

Zeal Zeal

4 days ago

Only you can understand the reason of rejection which should be based on the questions asked and you're replies. All rejection are mostly given under clause 214(b) only. Most of us never know the real reason it's guess work only. See more