Sreemoyee Mukherjee

9 days ago

Visa Interview Experience

I'm an incoming Fall'22 MISM (Masters of Information Systems Management) student at Carnegie Mellon University. I've graduated from Manipal Institute of Technology in ECE and worked in Philips as a Software Engineer for the last couple of years.

My F1 experience
Biometric: Kolkata May 29th
Vi : Kolkata 6th June 9:00 am
Waiting time (outside consulate): 30mins
In time: 9.15
Out time: 9.25
Interview duration: ~ 1-2mins
Visa officer: Chinese dude (counter 4)
Status: Approved ✅

Course: Master of Information Systems Management at CMU

Me: Good morning officer
Vo: Good morning, pass me documents.
Me: (Passed passport, I20 and Sevis fee receipt)
Vo : Place left four fingers on scanner
Me: Yes Officer
Vo: Do you have any work experience?
Me : Yes, I have a work experience of 2yrs
Vo: Where and what was your role?
Me: I worked as a Software Engineer at Philips
Vo: So why are you going for masters now?
Me: Working for the past couple of years, I have gained the necessary domain knowledge and hands on experience of a developer. Now, I want to go for masters so that I can gain necessary skills to go ahead with my career plans of working in technical leadership roles as an architect once I return to India after completing my degree.
Vo: What are these skills that you will gain during masters?
Me: The degree covers Technical, Business and Management courses so these would help me gain the skills required for technical leadership roles.
Vo: Why CMU?
Me: CMU is a very reputed university and the course curriculum is very flexible and robust. I wish to pursue the Software Development specialisation offered by this masters program.
Vo: Who is funding ?
Me: I have a loan sanctioned at xx lakhs from SBI and also have personal and family funds of xx lakhs
Vo: You're from Kolkata itself right?
Me: Yes
Vo: Your visa is approved. We have an event tomorrow. You can come n collect your passport here itself if you come tomorrow, else it will be delivered at your specified address.
Me: Thank you so much officer.

Pro tip: Just prepare thoroughly and be confident. Maintain eye contact. Try not to be robotic while answering. All the best! Ace it!


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Tilak Kumar Goswami

8 days ago

Thank you Sreemoyee Mukherjee All the best 👍

Sukriti Nijhawan

9 days ago

Congratulations!! Thank you for sharing the information and guiding the rest of us.


Sujeeth Reddy Annam

9 days ago

🎉 congratulations

Nidhi Upadhyay

9 days ago

Highly helpful ty


Aspirant 11

9 days ago

Congratulations! Also, thanks for such an informative post. Good luck!