Sid Gonzo

20 days ago

US vs Europe Masters | Job Opportunites

Hello, I am thinking of doing my masters in CS/Data Science. My reason for doing masters is to get a good job opportunity, not looking to do any research. I would really like to go to Europe for its living standards and work-life balance. I'm only worried about not having enough opportunities. Here are my questions: Are tech opportunities that bad in Europe compared to the US? If so, what can I do from my end to improve them? Say something like doing a lot of leetcode; What are some of the good countries that have good tech opportunities in Europe? Sorry if these questions are abstract, I can provide more details if needed in the comment section if any

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Sivaranjini R Mentor_tag

17 days ago

Hi Sid, European universities are preferred for their research curriculum and low tuition fee. This does not necessarily mean that the job opportunities are less. It is important to remember that, in Europe, it is advantageous to know the language (be it Italian, German, French). Having business level certifications in the languages would provide you with more opportunities in Europe. Other than ... See more